Update on Hot Bills That Impact Our Industry

Two CAI-CLAC-supported bills pass houses of origin while two anti-association legislative proposals go down in flames!

CAI-CLAC is pleased to announce several legislative successes this month.

CAI-CLAC-supported AB 2912, designed to protect the finances of community associations by requiring them to purchase fidelity bond insurance in an amount equal to or exceeding current reserves, plus three months of assessments, unanimously passed the Assembly and is now being considered by the State Senate.

Senate Bill 1128, also supported by CAI-CLAC, passed the Senate 36-1 and will now be considered in the Assembly. If passed, SB 1128 will allow associations to elect members to the board by acclamation when the number of candidates running for board positions is less than or equal to the number of board spots up for election.

CAI-CLAC opposes AB 1760, which would have stripped associations of their right to enforce parking restrictions if a member parks an emergency vehicle illegally during his or her off hours. While we absolutely support our first responders and those whose jobs it is to keep our communities safe, we do not believe it’s appropriate for the state to dictate how local communities manage their parking. As such, we opposed this bill and it indeed failed passage.

We also oppose AB 2353, which if passed would significantly impact the structural integrity of buildings in California’s managed associations by reducing the statute of limitations for construction defects from 10 to five years. Thanks to the advocacy of CAI-CLAC members, this bill was amended to remove the statute of limitations provision of the bill.

SB 1265 passed the State Senate yesterday on a largely party-line vote. It now moves onto the Assembly. If passed, this bill would present significant privacy concerns for those living in community associations, allowing anybody to access the personal information and signatures of those who vote in association board elections. This bill, which passed out of the Judiciary Committee May 8, also strips associations of their right to impose reasonable restrictions on those who can serve on their board. And, of course, this bill will also make board elections much more costly. Thanks for your continued vocal opposition to this bill!

Finally, Senate Bill 721, which would significantly impact those living in community associations by imposing duplicative and expensive new maintenance standards on balconies, decks and elevated walkways in their communities, is opposed by CAI-CLAC unless amended. This bill, which passed the Senate in January, is currently being held for hearing in the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions as well as the Committee on Housing and Community Development.

We’ll keep you apprised of the status of these bills and let you know how you can voice your opinions as we move forward through the legislative session. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our website to learn even more about all of these bills.

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