Please Call Your Senator to Vote YES on AB 1799 TODAY

Once more, your assistance in helping AB 1799 pass a key legislative vote is needed … by 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday when the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on it.

This simple bill allows homeowners associations to avoid mailing out election ballots when there is an equal or lessor number of candidates than open seats on the board.  In essence…no competition.

In these cases,1799 allows the Inspector of Elections and the board to declare the election “uncontested” and the candidates would be installed immediately as board directors. No contest = no mailings, no delays, no wasted resources.

Money spent printing and mailing ballot packets could otherwise be used for community maintenance, etc. The bill also allows write-in candidates and self-nominations.  It also reaffirms candidates’ rights to run for office and vote.

HOWEVER, an organization that frequently opposes progressive legislation for Associations has mounted a grassroots campaign to kill this sensible cost-saving bill.  It demands that ballots always be sent out …even when there are NO candidates!

CAI-CLAC requests that you, your spouse, neighbors, friends and colleagues immediately call the Senators listed below who are voting on the measure Tuesday afternoon.

Please share this alert with your association board, homeowners, family members, clients, and association manager. Perhaps gather together and divide your calls.

We thank you for doing what only you can do…  stand up and be counted!

Simply call in this request so your vote will be noted; you may leave a voice message after hours:

Hello.  My name is ______ and I’m calling to urge the Senator to vote “AYE” on Assembly Bill 1799 in the Judiciary Committee.

The bill would help my homeowners association save money by streamlining our board of directors election process.  I can be reached at (telephone number) to verify this request.  

Thank you very much.

(Then leave your name and phone number.  YOUR calls will have a big impact regardless of where you live because this is a statewide law effecting all HOAs.)

(If you care to email the seven, please do so by Tuesday at noon.)

Member District Party Room Phone Fax
Jackson, Hannah-Beth (Chair)
(Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties)
19 D 2032 916-651-4019
Moorlach, John (Vice Chair)
(Orange County)
37 R 2048 916-651-4037 916-651-4937
Anderson, Joel
(San Diego County)
38 R 5052 916-651-4038 916-651-4938
Hertzberg, Robert
(Los Angeles County)
18 D 4038 916-651-4018 916-651-4918
Leno, Mark
(San Francisco and San Mateo Counties)
11 D 5100 916-651-4011
Monning, Bill
(Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo Counties)
17 D 313 916-651-4017 916-651-4917
Wieckowski, Bob
(Alameda and Santa Clara counties)
10 D 3086 916-651-4010 916-651-4910

Thank you in advance for your time and continued support of CLAC!

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