Dear Kelly: I recently purchased a condominium and have discovered many improprieties with my HOA. I complained to the attorney general who told me they can’t do much. The real estate board says the manager must have a real estate license but the board told me it wasn’t necessary. Does a property manager have to be licensed by the state of California and is there a governmental department to whom I can complain? — J.C, Lake Forest

Dear J.C.: Your real estate board contact is confusing HOA management with rental management. Rental management in California requires a real estate broker’s license, but California does not require licenses to manage common interest development associations.

A number of states require licensing or minimum levels of education, but not California. The state does have a voluntary title called the “certified common interest development manager” established by Business and Professions Code Section 11502. It requires 30 hours of education in specified topics. READ MORE