On-Demand Webinar: Board Leadership Development Series – Session 4

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On-Demand Webinar: Board Leadership Development Series - Session 4
  • Members Fee: $15.00
    Non-Members Fee: $25.00
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Our On-Demand Webinars allow you to learn at your convenience. Upon ordering the on-demand webinar, you will receive a link to view this webinar. Please note you have 30 days to view it.

CAI’s Board Leadership Development Webinar Series teaches you how to develop enforceable rules, interpret governing documents, guides you through board meeting protocol, understanding a reserve study, financials, insurance and more. It provides a comprehensive look at the roles and responsibilities of community association leaders and is a great course especially for the first time board member.

The course is divided into four sessions. This registration page is to view Session 4 only. 

Session 4 –
Board Meetings
Community Management
“Real Life” Association Challenges

Please note: The chapter offers this course live 1-2 times per year. Email cai@cai-channelislands.org if you are looking to participate in a live version of this webinar series.

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