CAI Civility Pledge

Community associations are comprised of people with different ideals, preferences, and values. The Community Association Civility Pledge provides a framework for effective community conversations. How we talk about things matters. While we may be able to share our views with people who already agree with us, sharing our opinions while leaving room for someone’ else’s viewpoint can be challenging. How

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A New Insect Pest Threatens Our Trees

By Wayne Farnsworth, BrightView Tree Care Services and Randall Oliver, UC ANR IPM Tiny tree killing beetles that have become well-established in several Southern California counties are now showing up in CAI’s Channel Islands Chapter communities. Unlike many insect pests, invasive shot hole borers infest a wide variety of tree species, including many common ornamentals, avocados and California natives. Sycamores

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Channels of Communication, 1st Quarter

[heading size=”h3″ extra=””]Channels of Communication[/heading] [heading size=”h4″ extra=””]In this Issue… First Quarter 2019[/heading] [list type=unordered] [list_item]Overlooked and Misinterpreted Laws That Can Get Managers and Board in Big Trouble[/list_item] [list_item]Charged With New Laws Electrically & Financially Speaking[/list_item] [list_item]Discrimination and Harassment in the Work Place[/list_item] [list_item]Ask the Experts[/list_item] [list_item]Chapter Highlights & More[/list_item] [/list] DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE Channels of Communication is a quarterly

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Channels of Communication, 2nd Quarter 2018

In this Issue… The Budget… Where to Begin The Budget & The Board’s Fiduciary Duty Kit Budgeting for Success: Best Practices for Handling Assessment Delinquencies Ask The Expert Chapter Highlights & More DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE Channels of Communication is a quarterly publication of the Channel Islands Chapter of Community Associations Institute prepared expressly for Association leaders, managers and other related

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CAI-Channel Islands Chapter Releases 2018 Marketing Plan

The 2018 Marketing Plan is here! Make the most of your membership and sign up as a top level sponsor for additional recognition all year long plus receive a discount! Sign up early as most of our sponsorships sold out this year! It’s all about Cultivating Connections in 2018!!! DOWNLOAD THE 2018 MARKETING PLAN


2017-2018 Membership Directory

As a CAI-Channel Islands Chapter member, you will be receiving the 2017-2018 (print) Membership Directory. The directory and our online service directory are great resources when looking for vendors who specialize in the Homeowners Association Industry. If you did not receive a copy, contact the chapter office at 805-658-1438.