CALL FOR ACTION from our Legislative Action Committee

Please encourage Governor Jerry Brown to veto SB 1265 (Wieckowski) and SB 1128 (Roth).

If passed, Senate Bill 1265 (Wieckowski) would threaten privacy rights and significantly increase costs to hold an election. An additional mailing of election rules, the requirement that someone other than management be hired to serve as election inspector and additional legal hurdles related to election challenges and burden of proof would all combine to drive association election costs through the roof! There is simply no justification for government to impose higher costs to Homeowner Association members.

Worse, it will allow members to photocopy voters’ signatures and to review and copy proxies, identifying proxy holders and even how members asked their votes to be cast.

Senate Bill 1128 (Roth), was amended to include Senate Bill 1265’s oppressive restrictions on an association’s ability to prevent felons and others from serving on the Board. It will also allow associations to elect members to the board by acclamation, but at the cost of requiring associations to allow felons and members who don’t pay special assessments to run for the Board. We strongly believe that SB 1265 and SB 1128 limits association’s ability to self-govern by mandating how we conduct community association elections.

Here’s what you can do:

We’ve made contacting the Governor easy! Simply send the Governor, Jerry Brown, our pre-drafted email TODAY and let him know that your local control and your hard-earned dues dollars matter to you. All you’ll need is to enter your information and we will automatically send! Click here to tell Governor Jerry Brown to veto SB 1265 and SB 1128.
If you’d like to call him directly, you can find that contact information here.
And please encourage other community association members to take action. This is the way to MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!!!

If you’d like to learn more about our position on 2018 Legislative Hot Bills, please click here.


John MacDowell, Esq.

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