Dear Members,

It is a great honor to serve as CAI-Channel Islands Chapter’s President this year. And I would like to thank Tracy Neal for her excellent and tireless work as our Chapter President in 2018. Tracy led the chapter well with an astonishing accomplishment of reaching over 800 chapter members. In 2019, we will continue to build on these accomplishments, as well as the achievements in recent years. During the past ten years, we have provided our members with education, resources, networking, and advocacy on a level that earned our chapter recognition at the national level of CAI.

I would like to congratulate the newly elected board members, and thank all of our volunteers that support the chapter. I encourage you to engage with the chapter and volunteer on a chapter committee. If interested, reach our to our Executive Director Leah Ross at We also need to thank our remarkable group of business partner members. The Chapter has deep gratitude for your efforts and contributions that our pivotal to our success.

As we plan for the ambitious goal to further extend our vibrant growth and success, we will do so on a foundation of helping our members in every opportunity that we have. Serving over 800 members in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Kern counties, we must always ask ourselves, “How can we help and provide even more value to our members?”

One way to help is to provide access to resources that encourage industry excellence. Along with providing many resources on our chapter’s website, our national website, offers additional resources including webinars, training, articles, templates and more. Take full advantage of what is available to you as a chapter member and visit these sites often!

In addition to these resources, this year we are focusing on advancing educational efforts throughout our chapter. For our Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo members, we are offering additional educational opportunities and resources. As we are seeing continued expansion in these areas, we are excited for the opportunities to further industry training. We are also offering a rebate program for manager members. The rebate program will help pay for up to 50% of the fee to earn the CMCA, AMS and PCAM certifications. CAI’s manager certification programs allow for our manager members to better serve their communities, advance their career and encourage industry professionalism.

Our Chapter is a role model and leader for the Community Associations Institute on the national level. Perhaps our most significant accomplishment is that amongst the 64 CAI chapters, we have one of the higher percentages of association homeowner members and board members. We appreciate the opportunity to provide training to so many community association members and appreciate their involvement. While we are proud of this, we cannot settle into content. 2019 will be a year of focusing on continued value for our members, as we continue to expand our membership and provide exceptional education and resources.

I look forward to our many adventures together in 2019, and hope to connect with you at one of our upcoming chapter events.

Joe Smigiel, CIRMS

2019 CAI-Channel Islands Chapter President