A Statement from CAI-CLAC Regarding AB 3182

We are deeply disappointed to inform you the Governor signed AB 3182 over the objections of CAI-CLAC and the more than 5,000 constituents who contacted his office to express their concerns with the bill.  What was more insulting is that he issued the notice of his signature of the bill in a press release touting the State’s effort to improve the housing affordability crisis in California.

We are also deeply disappointed in Assemblymember Ting who disregarded most of the specific concerns raised by CAI-CLAC. Even though we opposed AB 3182 from a policy standpoint, as you know, we actually provided language to fix the specific problems in the bill. Instead of fixing the bill’s numerous problems outlined by CAI-CLAC, Assemblymember Ting waited until the last possible moment to change the bill’s language, rushing it through the process with little time for impacted parties to express additional concerns. He scored a hollow political victory at the expense of all Californians. And unfortunately, the bill’s final round of changes made the bill worse, not better. The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the process was not helpful either.

In truth, the bill will exacerbate the affordability crisis by incentivizing investors to enter the market and decreasing homeownership opportunities. AB 3182 was the proverbial solution seeking a problem.  There is no rental issue in community associations which needed to be fixed.  However, we have homeownership problems the Legislature and Governor continue to ignore. This is two years and two bills in a row that Governor Newsom has increased the cost for the more than 11,000,000 Californian’s living in community associations.  We intend to let him know our displeasure and we hope you will do the same.

Thank you for all of your hard work and support. Believe it or not, things could have been worse without our grassroots advocacy efforts, office contacts, etc. While we didn’t win this round, we will back next year working to protect property values, the right to self-governance and making lives better for those living in community associations.

Nathan McGuire, Esq.

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